5 Tours in 5 Continents

6th March 2020

5 Tours in 5 Continents. We explore different tours from around the world. Heading to Australia, San Francisco, Sri Lanka, Rwanda and Chile.

A Chilean tour

Moon Valley chile

Moon Valley

The landscape in this country is breath-taking. You will see vast deserts, sparkling lagoons and imposing volcanic structures. One of the most memorable views can be found at Moon Valley. Which is why it made it on to our list of 5 Tours in 5 Continents.

The Chilean Lake District has some of the most outstanding vistas in Chile. Majestic snow-capped volcanoes are an impressive backdrop to the bright blue lakes. This region of active volcanoes is the perfect location for hiking, horse riding or simply discovering the area’s Alpine influences. White water rafting should definitely be on the list for any thrill seekers.

We would also recommend a visit to the mystical Easter Island in the Pacific Ocean. It would be a worthy addition to any Chilean tour. This remote island is guarded by the famous Moai statutes.

Sri Lanka Tour

Gal Vihara

Sri Lanka is an amazing country to tour with ancient archaeological sites to abundant wildlife. Not forgetting the beautiful beaches. Polonnaruwa is famous for its archaeological sites. The ruins of the Royal Palace and the magnificent Buddha statutes at Gal Vihara are just some of the things to mention. A must is a visit to the Minneriva National Park. Join a jeep safari to marvel at the elegant, gentle wild elephants as they wander the park. Late afternoon is the perfect time as the elephants emerge silently from the forest to drink at the watering hole.

One of the most iconic sights is Sigiriya, the Lion Rock, rising 200 metres above the jungle. At the base of the rock are the beautiful water gardens and a moat surrounds the rock itself. Made a UNESCO world heritage site in 1982, it is also considered to be 8th wonder of the world. The best time to climb the 1200 steps is early in the morning. It takes about 1.5 hours to reach the top and is a strenuous climb but there are caves and platforms along the way to catch your breath. The view takes your breath away. You will also find yourself in awe of the pavilions and tropical gardens and ponds that have been built so high up.

In Kandy, visit the golden-roofed Temple of the Sacred Tooth, another UNESCO world heritage site. It houses Sri Lanka’s most important relic, a tooth of Buddha. According to legend, the tooth was taken from the Buddha as he lay on his funeral pyre. There are lively and colourful bazaars in this city plus an arts and crafts centre. The list of places to visit is endless but a tea plantation tour is well worth including. Finishing a tour in Galle is a must. Relax in a hotel on the beach and shopping in this lovely town.

A Rwanda Tour in our 5 Tours in 5 Continents round up

Akagera National Park

Combine the arts and culture of Kigali and the dense bamboo forests of the Rwandan jungle. The resilient people of Rwanda who have recovered so quickly from their bloody past are a marvel to behold. A two-hour drive from Kigali is the Akagera National Park combining many ecosystems, savannah, marshland, lakes, forests and mountains. Home to the Big Five and over 400 bird species. Revenue from tourists is invested back into the park and the local community.

Lake Kivu is the sixth largest of all the freshwater lakes in Africa. It has steep terraced hills leading down to the attractive shores. A good place to rest and relax for a few days, boating on the emerald waters or watching the birds come and go.

Gorilla trekking in the dense tropical forests of Volcanoes National Park is not easy. However all the exertion is worth it to view a troop of mountain gorillas. Some sit munching on leaves, younger ones tumble through the branches. All watched over by the large silverback.

Rwanda is a country that has been through so much but has come out the other side. This destination is filled with once in a lifetime experiences that will live in your heart forever.

San Francisco to Monterey Tour

Alcatraz in the distance

A fly-drive holiday to America has to be on the 5 Tours in 5 Continents list. Starting at the iconic city of San Francisco, with the Golden Gate Bridge at the heart of the sights to see. The hop on hop off bus is the best way to experience this city, visiting Fisherman’s Wharf, China town and so much more. Take a short ferry ride to the infamous Alcatraz, now deserted, where so many notorious prisoners, Al Capone being one of them, were incarcerated.

1.5 hours’ drive away is Napa Valley home to over 200 wineries. It is worth spending a couple of days visiting wineries or take a trip on the historic Napa Valley Wine Train. The scenery is beautiful, take time to see it, a hot air balloon ride is an amazing way to see it in its full glory.

Yosemite National Park has to be on most people’s bucket list. So go explore this spectacular natural wilderness. Yosemite National Park has unique vistas and mind-blowing waterfalls. Hike, climb, bike or horse ride through this national park. Go back in time and pan for gold, take a wildlife tour searching for black bears and mountain lions or learn about the plants and animals native to Yosemite. The experience can’t be missed.

Final stop, Monterey, famous for its attractive Fisherman’s Wharf. From here you can take boat trips out into the bay in search of marine life including sea otters, dolphins and whales. Relax and enjoy the beach before driving the last 100 miles back to San Francisco.

Australia a first visit Tour

Great Barrier Reef

Our list of 5 Tours in 5 Continents had to include Australia. This vast continent cannot be toured in one trip so here are three places that should be visited. Arrive in Sydney and spend a couple of days exploring the area. Including the Rocks, Opera House and if you are feeling particularly brave climb the Harbour Bridge. A harbour dinner cruise is very romantic or dine at one of the lovely restaurants on shore. There is so much to see in this iconic city a second visit will be on the cards.

Brisbane is a good stopping point before heading to the Great Barrier Reef. It has beautiful Botanical Gardens, modern skyscrapers and numerous art galleries. Cruise down the Brisbane river to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. You will pass some magnificent riverside properties and then spend time learning about the amazing work that is done at the sanctuary helping injured, orphaned or sick Koalas, kangaroos. Many other native animals so badly decimated after the forest fires this year that the sanctuary have been busy and yet remain strong and do such incredible work.

Your trip cannot be complete without visiting one of the Natural Wonders of the World and there is no better place than Hamilton Island in the Whitsundays. Hours snorkelling or diving in the Great Barrier Reef is an experience of a lifetime. Relaxing on this island with its white soft sandy beaches and crystal waters a perfect place to finish your holiday.

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