Find the perfect holiday for you

At WoodBerry Travel we offer bespoke holidays tailor made to your requirements and dreams. All the holidays we have listed are inspiration. We plan your holiday anywhere in the world and create an experience you’ll love.

We are committed to responsible and sustainable tourism by reducing our carbon footprint. As well as being advocates for human rights and animal welfare. We believe you can enjoy a fabulous holiday whilst a responsible traveller.

We work with hotels and companies who want to keep the landscape, wildlife, people and local culture protected while tourism provides growth for the area.

If you are looking for perfect golf and sporting holidays we can recommend a great list of locations. There are some incredible hotels around the world with the best golf course you will find.

If you are a fan of football or rugby allow us to create a custom made travel plan for you to make each match and explore the area where the matches are happening.

For example we can help plan a great holiday for the Lions tour of South Africa in 2021.

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